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Pet Care and Veterinary Grade Shampoo for Ringworm, Mange, Itchy and Dry Skin - Safe for Dog, Cat, Puppy, Kitten, Horse 🐾  ALL-AROUND TREATMENT - Unsure of what’s causing your pet’s skin problem? Our antifungal and antibacterial medicated shampoo with lime sulfur has been proven effective for non-specific dermatoses. 🐾  MUCH-NEEDED DRY ITCHY SKIN RELIEF - Our lime sulfur based medicated shampoo relieves itchiness caused by ringworm, mange, fungus, bacteria and other parasites. Before long, your furry friend will be as healthy and vibrant as ever. 🐾  FRESHENES, DEODORIZES, AND YET GENTLE ON PETS - This formulation has essential oils with lavender fragrance that will be gentle on your pet while freshening and deodorizing them of foul smell.

Classic Lime Sulfer Shampoo

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Sulfur Lime Shampoo
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